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Why Do I Need a Designer?

Kitchen and Bathrooms are the most complicated rooms of the house to lay out. Kitchens and bathrooms are full of utility lines, appliances, doors, windows and walkways. Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is about more than just making a beautiful space – it is about making a more functional space. This is why you need a designer.

Cabinet Corner Designers

A great designer brings your ideas to life. They transform your space and the way you use it. That’s why at Cabinet Corner a designer works on every project at no charge to you. Providing design services is part of our goal to make remodels easier and better. We believe everyone should have the best layout and materials possible in their new space.

We also believe your time is valuable, so our designers help you plan your project on your time. Our showroom is located in Bemidji, but our designers work with homeowners from towns all over the surrounding area. Through meetings, emails, and phone calls our designers make dream kitchens a reality.

How Will a Kitchen Designer Help Me?

Cabinet Corner professional designers reimagine spaces and recommend the best ways to lay out cabinets. They are experts at accounting for the details, while creating a beautiful design.

It’s challenging to sum up all the skills and advice a kitchen designer brings to a project. Overall, homeowners find designers’ perspectives in these three areas invaluable.

  • Personal Advice


First and foremost, a designer will help guide you through the remodeling process. Whether this is your first or fifth       remodel, you will want personal advice. Yes, there are online tools for designing, but when questions arise, you will be happy to talk to a real person who knows you and your space. Many homeowners say that working with their designer was one of the best parts of their remodeling project.

  • Beautiful Design 

A  designer creates a beautiful space that fits your style. They are knowledgeable about trends, styles, and colors that work well together. A designer knows how to beautify every odd nook and cranny so the design looks purposeful.

  • Functional Design

A beautiful new home needs a functional design behind it. Cabinet Corner's designers make spaces functional and comfortable by learning who uses the space and how. Not only do they help avoid common errors,  they also personalize the space for each household. 

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