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Our Process

Come visit our beautiful showroom! Let us help you become inspired by creative designs and the newest applications. We will introduce you to our specialist or designers depending on your needs! Come and browse - with or without an appointment.
1. Showroom Consultation

Make an appointment with one of our specialist or designers. Bring Photos, magazine pictures, or ideas that you have saved on Houzz or Pinterest. We will get to know each other, discuss your style, and show you the multiple options we have available for your project.

2. Information Gathering

We'll come to your home to measure and take photos. Back in the showroom we'll show you products and materials that will fit within your budget and still give you the look you want.

3. Design Development & Selections

This is when we sit down and work on your design! We take the ideas for your project, your style, and your budget into account while we develop detailed plans. We will help you select cabinetry, countertops, and more - all which will be included in the plan we have customized for you.

4. Design Presentation & Sign Off

We'll present the design and pricing for you to review, answer questions, and make any last minute changes. When you are satisfied with the plans, we'll then complete the necessary paperwork.

5. Project Planning & Pre-Installation

We'll get the finial measurements and place your order. If you don't already have a contractor, we can provide you with recommendations. We work very closely with your installation team throughout the process.

6. Installation and Project Completion 

When materials are delivered it's time to start the installation! Soon you will be able to kick back and enjoy your new space!

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