Jessie Gutknecht

K I T C H E N  &  B A T H  D E S I G N E R

While studying interior design and fine art, I discovered my ultimate passion; specializing in cabinetry for kitchen and bath design. Big dreams have driven me to follow these passions. From travel, to family, food and culture, I’m constantly seeking artistic inspiration to help in the design and function of my client's dreams. Now, with over 8 years of experience as a designer, one of my favorite things is to collaborate with clients to find the perfect combination of beauty and function. I immerse myself into each of my clients projects in order to provide them with a design that is as unique as the individual who inspires it.  While turning dreams into reality, I work hard to make sure it is everything they have anticipated and more.


175 Spirit Ave NE Wilton, MN 56601

Tel 218-751-7522, Fax 218-751-3700

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